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Anyone who has passed 10th standard and is above the age of 16. But if the person is below 18 years of age, he or she will have to get a letter from his or her guardian.
Yes, deserving school students can join after personal interview and he or she will have to get a letter from his or her guardian.
There are no criteria for enrollment. But if the person is below 18 years of age, he or she will have to get a letter from his or her guardian.
They can direct admission in our Diploma in Photojournalism course, which is for 1 year 6 months. This course is divided in three parts – Full Time Basic, Full Time Advanced Photojournalism and Research & Contemporary Photojournalism course. We also offer internship opportunity after completion of the course.
Yes. But for direct admission to these courses you will have to get your existing portfolio assessed by our director and granting admission is the discretion of the director.
The 2 years Diploma course will give you detailed knowledge of both Photojournalism and commercial photography.
Images Redefined provides unique advantages to its students and these are completely different from other institute in India. All our all main courses are practical based and our students get several opportunities for outdoors in different situations. Photography is a practical based subject and so outdoors helps students a lot. The Institute provides library facilities to the students which are free of cost and it has a rich collection of rare books on photography.Stress therapy and Counseling sessions make students mentally strong and our grooming prepares them to handle tough situations during assignments and job interviews.We also train our students by analising Oscar winning movies, which exposes the students to international standard. Accommodation is provided for all outstation candidates on sharing basis at nominal cost ( at close proximity from South City Mall)
Yes, some courses we have installment facility but in that case the course fees will be costlier.
For Short Time Internship Course & Full Time Basic Course there is no discount for students. Wedding & Studio Photography, Wild Life & Landscape Photography , Full Time Advanced Photojournalism & Full Time Commercial Photography students will get a discount of Rs.5000/ if he or she completes the Full Time Basic Course. Research & Contemporary Photojournalism students will get a discount of Rs 5, 000/ if he or she completes the Full Time Advanced Photojournalism Course. Diploma Course students will get a discount of Rs 10, 000/ if he or she completes the Full Time Basic Course.
The 2 years Diploma course is a combination of all main courses like Photojournalism and Commercial photography. If the students takes admission for all course separately it will be costlier. But if they take direct admission to the Diploma course they will get a discount of Rs. 45,000/.
Images Redefined does not guarantee jobs or placements, but will assist in every way possible to see to it that the students are able to start their career at the earliest and in the best possible way.For Photojournalism student, Images Redefined will provide internship in Reputed Newspapers, Magazines or News Agencies. The internship is an opportunity for the student to prove himself and join the organization. Many leading photojournalists have started their careers in a similar way.For Commercial Photography students, Images Redefined will try to send them to establish advertising agencies for assignments. It is an opportunity for the student to prove himself and join the organization. Many leading commercial photographers have started their careers in a similar way.
The students will have to provide the following documents: 1 copy passport size photograph, 1 copy of address proof like the photocopy of Voter Id card or Passport and course fees. Students have to fill up admission form in our institute.
No, the students don’t have to pay any registration charge. Only the course or workshop fees have to be paid.
Of course, the students will be given certificate after successfully completion of the course or workshops. But for Diploma Photography course, Diploma in Photojournalism Course, Advanced Photojournalism Course, Research & Contemporary Photojournalism Course and Full Time Commercial Photography Course students have to produce complete portfolio to get the certificate.
Not as yet, as the institute is in a very nascent stage. But in the field of photography, photographer’s portfolio is the biggest certificate. So we emphasize on practical training. In fact, in commercial photography, there is no concept of a job and most of the successful photographers are independent photographers.In photojournalism, most of the photo-editors don’t bother much about certificates, but about your portfolio and your ability to shoot on the ground.
Yes, the institute will help you for your accommodation. Near institute campus there are lot of paying guest facility and flats are amiable where students can stay alone or sharing basis.
Yes, the institute will help you for your Visa.
No; always remember camera never take a picture, it will just give you some technical support. Our suggestion to all the students is not to buy equipment before admission, as we will give the necessary suggestion according to student’s budget.
No, Images Redefined will not provide any camera to their students.
You can join in 3 day Wedding Photography workshop or for more specialized knowledge on wedding you have to take admission in our Wedding & Studio Photography Course.
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For specialized knowledge on Wild Life Photography you have to take admission in our Wild Life & Landscape Photography Course.
We arrange special sessions for those who have missed classes for genuine reasons. If that is not possible, we allow the students to attend the missed class(es) with the next batch.
If a student can’t attend whole session due to any serious medical reason that occurred to the student after the completion of the enrollment process, in that case on submission of proper (verifiable) medical documents that student will be allowed for the next batch in free of cost.
As it is a professional training centre and Photography is a completely practical based subject, so we emphasize on outdoor more than theory classes. Inside Kolkata, outdoor classes are compulsory and outside Bengal, interested students can join. But we recommend that the students attend outdoor for practical experience.
For outdoors organized in the city of Kolkata student don’t have to pay extra, but on special outdoors like Election coverage, Strikes, festival like Holi etc the institute will arrange transportation and the interested students will have to share the transportation fee.For outdoors in different part of India institute will arrange suitable accommodation and transportation (train and car) according to the student budget and interested students will have to share the cost.
Our x-students gather in institute once in a month for reviewing their work and sort out their professional problems. Interested X-students also can join in our all out station outdoors and exhibitions.
Yes, for all main courses students have to give refundable security deposit but they are responsible for any damage they cause to equipment, furniture, television, books and other property, and will have to reimburse cost of the damage from their security deposit.
The institute can cancel the admission of any student for unruly behavior during theory as well as outdoor classes. Consumption of alcohol and any type of drug is strictly prohibited during classes. If he or she violates the rules of institute leading to the cancellations of admission, no refund shall be made.
Students can’t do any sort of video or audio record the classes/ teaching session.
Yes, we provide internship to all our photojournalism students. But they have to keep at least 85% attendance in indoor and outdoor classes. If any student miss majority classes institute will not provide internship to those particular students. The institute can cancel the internship of any student for unruly behavior if he or she violates the institute rules and the terms and conditions. No refund shall be made in such cancellations of internship.
Images Redefined Photography Institute shall not be responsible for any accident or mishap that occurs while students are shooting outdoors on their own or with institute faculty, and in the event of any such occurrence Images Redefined Photography Institute shall not be legally or financially responsible for the same and legal proceedings shall not be initiated against the Institute.

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